Murdoch Hacking

I was raised under the mistaken belief that if you own a corporation and it is found guilty of breaking the law, then the boss man is placed on trial. Alas, that is not the case when your name is Rupert Murdoch. The top executives of his News of the World staff are currently on trial for encouraging-or ordering–news correspondents to hack into the accounts of ordinary citizens in their quest for A STORY! Murdoch’s favorite protegee, Rebekah Brooks to gether with Any Coulson are on trial for hacking people’s accounts. The charges range from illegally hacking the phones of celebrities to concealing evidence and sort of bribing government officials.

The defendants plead-IGNORANCE. After all, is it the responsibility of top editors to go out with reporters and check their tactics? That sounds like what BIG GOVERNMENT does and if one believes in the right of business to be free from control of THE GOVERNMENT, then it is clear the Murdoch twins are innocent of all charges.

Oh, there is something about paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to government officials. If England is a free country then its reporters are free to print whatever they desire. If you support the government, just check how Fox News reports this case!!