Murdoch In Murky Waters

Rupert Murdoch has endeavored for over forty years to propagate the concept that newspapers can spread any  form of filth and lies without having to answer for their actions. Finally, he had to shut down News of the World when its flagrant abuse of free speech led to hacking into phones and damaging the  lives of people. Rupert and son James insist they never sanctioned such behavior. Alas new information reveals that reporters for his Sun newspaper were involved in bribery of police sources.

The  FBI and the US Justice Department are presently involved in investigations under the Foreign Corruption Practices Act, in order to determine if Murdoch’s News Corporation is guilty of breaking the law. According to Professor Mike Koehler of Butler University, “this spreads the alleged bribery to a completely different newspaper, to a completely different segment of the company and to other police officials.” In other words, it is a serious matter.

Sun Editor Trevor Kavanagh is now crying “freedom of speech.” He now complains that “journalists are being treated like a member of an organized crime gang.” I guess that is an excellent description of working for Rupert Murdochs newspapers.