Murdoch May Get Murdered By Parliament

This coming week Rupert Murdoch and son will appear before a committee of Parliament in order to explain their sordid media outlets which hire criminals and nincompoops. Turn on Fox News in America and watch Glenn Beck drawing lines to places that do not exist on the planet or pert young blond haired girls pretending they actually know the location of Afghanistan. Sorry, they can read the cards given them. In the United Kingdom, Ed Miliband, head of the Labor party is calling for new legislation that would restrict ownership in the media. “I think it’s unhealthy because that amount of power in the hands of one person has already led to abuse of power.” The United States already has laws which restrict the power of a single person to dominate an industry so why not controls over media outlets. I am certain Tea Party folk would be up in arms at restricting power although, for some strange reason, they want to restrict the power of the national government.

If Fox News has fewer jobs for talking heads, does this mean either Sarah or Michele will not be on TV? God, who will take their place ast he empress of nonsense?