Murdoch Muddies Water

James Murdoch is being asked by British lawmakers to appear one more time in order to clarify statements made to a parliamentary committee that apparently do not jibe with the truth. He told them both his father and he lacked any knowledge of phone hacking at the News Of  The World. He insisted an email that supposedly informed him of this operation had never been seen. Naturally, James and Rupert did not know anything that was going on within their newspapers.

Of course, the history of Rupert Murdoch is that of a hands on ruthless dictator who knows everything. The tabloids former editor, Coliln Meyer and  a colleague, Tom Crone, told the Parliament committe the email HAD been seen by Jimmy, the ignorant one.

The Murdoch empire now argues their assurances that phone hacking was the work of a “rogue reporter” was “not accurate,” but that does not mean it was “untruthful.” Such is the reasoning of those with money and power.