Murdoch Muddles In Mud Of Denial

The United States of America has to endure the lies, distortion and vile hatred which daily emanates from Fox News so it is not a great surprise to learn the Murdoch Times of London offered its readers a cartoon of three starving skinny Somali children and one says: “I’ve had a belly-ache of phone hacking.” How low can Rupert Murdoch go? Using starving children to deflect criticism from his blatant distortion of reality and denial that criminal behavior was common at HIS News of the World. Glenn Beck devoted endless hours attempting to prove Barack Obama was born in Africa. After adoring the Bush invasion of Iraq, Fox News now condemns the ‘BARACK OBAMA WARS IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN.”

The word,”shame” is simply not in the vocabulary of anyone working for Rupert Murdoch. Rupert, old geezer, ye have tarried too long in the media, depart for a warmer climate down below.