Murdoch Murdered By Mistatements

The empire of Murdochs has been around for nearly half a century during which time its monarch, Rupert I, has reigned with impunity as he smears the names and ideas of those disliked. His son, James II, told a committee of Parliament that it was not until June 10, 2008 that he learned about hacking procedures that were being used by  News International. Alas, poor James, they have uncovered  documentary evidence which proves you knew about the hacking years before.

Initially, James II blamed everything on a “rogue reporter.” After all, when you created and go away with the myth of Obama’s birth certificate, why not lie once again? Key lieutenants of Murdoch have confessed they told him about hacking months before June 10. There is now a trail of  internal emails and legal advice proving he knew about illegal hacking.

We  await a Fox News expose proving the entire  issue of hacking was a secret SOCIALIST plan made in alliance with al-Qaeda to destroy a media empire which protected western civilization.

James, me thinks the emperor is naked.