Murdoch Murders Truth About Phone Hacking!

There are those born in wealth who assume wealth is their natural right.  James Murdoch inherited money and power from dad, and was educated to believe in the divine right of kings to do any damn thing they pleased. James has denied knowing anything about phone hacking at the News of the World. Tom Crone, former head of legal affairs on the newspaper, revealed that he met with James Murdoch on June 10, 2008 and at the meeting offered proof that phone hacking was taking place. He showed an email obtained through phone hacking. “I held up the front page of the email. I am also pretty sure he already knew about it.”

I am confused. How could the king of the castle know everything that was going on in the castle? OK, so someone showed Jimmy an email from someone, big deal. OK, so Michael Silverleaf, QC told Jimmy there was illegal activity on the newspaper. Big Deal. If Jimmy the Prince says there was not phone hacking, then there was no phone hacking. Who are you going to believe–some damn evidence or the word of Jimmy the Prince?