Mursi Has Met The Enemy and It Is Him!!

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi came to office pledging to end the era of one man rule and dictatorship in order to create a nation in which those from all religions were granted equal freedom. Alas, such a dream is not that of those who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. They have been attempting to impose their ideas on the people of Egypt only to witness increasing anger from secular minded Muslims. Once again, they clashed in Tahrir square.

People heaved stones and petrol bombs, and the sound of Muslim Brotherhood folk clashed with sounds of secular groups demanding equality in politics and protection of their rights.  The Muslim Brotherhood claims, “we were not involved in Tahrir clashes and none of our members were there.” Really, so who was throwing stones at secular groups? Oh, I know, it was the Mossad from Israel!

Mursi must return to the principles that created a revolution that sent President Mubarak packing. Unfortunately, a new set of bullies are now in power. C’est le meme chose!