Mursi Words Or Mursi Action?

Newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi faces his initial confrontation with a foreign policy problem, what to do about the Israel conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip? His words have been supportive of Hamas and he has made clear: “The Egyptian people, the Egyptian leadership, the Egyptian government and all of Egypt is standing with all its resources to stop this assault, to prevent the killing and bloodshed of Palestinians. Israel must recognize that we do not accept this aggression.”

Strong words, but can Egypt realistically do anything about this conflict? Egypt needs money, it requires access to financial institutions and those reside in
Western nations. So,what can Egypt actually do:

1. Make clear it will support any economic aid it can provide people in Gaza.

2. Insist that Hamas halt rocket attacks while at the same time asking the UN to monitor the boundary with Israel.

3. Engage Secretary Clinton in discussions about the need to restore negotiations between Israel and Palestinians.

Sorry, there is no perfect world