Museums Built By Slaves

Money does wonders for the human race. People, who once were poor Bedouins wandering the deserts of the Middle East today are now billionaires with untold wealth to display to the world. The United Arab Emirates have money galore to spend showing nations of the world that if one seeks to witness the wonders of art or antique treasures simply hop a plane and come wander through new museums built especially for people who inhabit the UAE. Of course, when employing words such as “people,” we mean the “right people,” not the people who work in the UAE. Thousands have been brought to this rather hot area of the world to build a new British Museum or a new Guggenheim Museum that will please those with wealth. But, what about those immigrant workers-who can never become a citizen of the UAE:

Many have their passports taken away the first day of work and can not leave without them.

If one strikes, then one does not have a job and one does not have a passport to leave.

Ten men to a room is just about right for those who engage in physical work.

Working men engage in fights while police let them batter it out.

A worker lost a leg and waited a year to get another one.

Workers work for seven months to pay off the recruiting fee.

Such is life for those who help create beauty!!

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