Musharaf Says I’m President And Bush Supports Him

The tangled web that is Pakistan still remains caught in confusion regarding its leadership at a time when there is considerable unrest in the border region with Afghanistan. President Musharraf made it known that he was not stepping down as president of Pakistan despite efforts by groups like the Pakistan Muslim League-N which wants him out. Musharraf defied Pakistan’s parliament to take action against him by invoking the impeachment clause of the constitution. In Washington, President Bush made it clear that Musharraf remans the official head of Pakistan and that he alone will be recognized as being the president of the nation.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Donald Camp told reporters the Bush administration is concerned about the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan and would like American forces to take a more active role in training Pakistan soldiers to fight in this region.

The Pakistan Peoples Party led by Zardari, is trying its best to avoid a constitutional crisis that would arise if Musharraf was impeached. However, the PML-N is placing great pressure on the current Pakistan government to move against Musharraf. In the meantime, confusion rages in the northwest area of the nation.