Musharraf Blames Opponents For Pakistan Problems

After announcing his resignation, President Musharraf of Pakistan told his nation he had worked to maintain constitutional government and current problems have been caused by political parties. He emphasized his decision to resign was due to his concern over averting a constitutional crisis and did not stem from any wrong doing on his part. “To me, Pakistan was always first, it remains so and will always be first.” He made clear his opposition to any form of “horse trading” because he did not wish to subject his friends in the armed forces in any political infighting. The outgoing president blamed the current government for what he termed an “economic meltdown” and argued any current economic problems began when the current political coalition assumed office.

President Musharraf is gone but large problems remain that cannot be blamed on his administrative leadership. It is still unclear if Zardari, co-chair of the Pakistan People’s Party will seek the office of president, but Zardai made clear, as far as he was concerned, “let bygones by bygones” and he would not seek any judicial action against the departing president.