Musharraf Bows To Reality And Resigns

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf looked into the mirror of reality and concluded it was time for him to step down as leader of his nation or face the prospect of a bitter impeachment process in Parliament. He appeared on live television where in a trembling voice, the man who had guided Pakistan for nearly nine years, told the nation, he was leaving the seat of power. “If I was doing this just for myself, I might have chosen a different course. but I put Pakistan first, as always. Whether I win or lose the impeachment, the dignity of the nation would be damaged, the office of the president harmed. Even if I beat this impeachment, relations between the presidency and the government can never be fixed.”

Within moments after the president spoke, celebrations broke out in many Pakistan cities as people realized they had finally gotten rid of a man who had created turmoil and anger within the nation. “It’s just like I’m celebrating my wedding,” said Malik Naveed, a lawyer. There is no doubt, Pakistan army leaders had told Musharraf they would not intervene to assist his fight with Parliament. Similarly, allies in the United States and Saudi Arabia made clear they wanted him to leave. Some reports suggest Musharraf may seek refuge in Saudi Arabia.

Now, the question remains as to who will assume the office of president of Pakistan.