Musharraf Finally Confronts Terrorism

Pakistan leader, General Musharraf, has finally challenged militant fundamentalist Muslims in the siege of the Lal Masjid seminary. For years, George Bush has been boasting about his close relationship with General Musharraf and proclaiming him an ally in the fight against terrorism. Of course, the good general has been allowing Taliban and al-Qaeda forces access to hiding places and allowing his military to provide them guns and ammunition.

Musharraf is a symbol of America’s problem in dealing with Muslim leaders of the so-called “free world.” Saudi Arabia leaders have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into muslim religious schools all over the world which have become training grounds for terrorism. On one hand, Saudi and Pakistan leaders claim they want to fight terrorism, on the other hand, they build schools to train such extremists. For some reason or another, Musharraf has finally decided enough is enough. Now, can we get Saudi Arabia leaders to crack down on these religious schools? That is the question because that’s where most money for their support originates.