Musharraf “Foreign Hand” Ploy

An editorial in the Lahore Daily Times criticised the Musharraf government for explaining away problems by casting blame on a “foreign hand” as being behind those forces causing problems. It quoted federal interior secretary, Syed Kamal Shah, as asserting the government had “cedible evidence” that “hostile foreign intelligence agencies” were fanning terrorism in Pakistan. Although no names were mentioned, it is assumed the foreign sources are from India. “We can recall the number of times the government and its senior bureuacrats have relied on it to explain acts of terrorism in the past.”

Musharraf is continually blaming America or Great Britain or India for his own failures. The Taliban was created by Pakistan’s ISI and tribal unrest in northwest regions is the result of local groups expressing anger toward the government. Musharraf, not foreign hands, instituted a state of emergency, it was Musharraf, not outsiders, who sacked members of the Supreme Court who opposed his dictatorial rule. During his current trip to Great Britain, the president has boasted that he cracks down on terrorism while all the British do is talk, but never take action. Perhaps, Musharraf has not lately gazed on the situation in the northwest where there is open rebellion. Its not me, its them is his ongoing explanation.

  • Ehsan

    Everyone will like to Blame Musharraf because of all the efforts he has made to make Pakistan a better and corruption free country now all those corrupt politicians are kicking every hand and foot to undo those changes or they wont be able to make money and Countries who benefit from these kinda situations are countries like India who are funding those Politicians and Jihadists to make unrest in the country.