Musharraf Gave US Permission To Strike At Osama

It has always been unclear as to the extent of freedom enjoyed by American armed forces while dealing with issues within the border of Pakistan. A story in the Washington Times reveals President Musharraf years ago granted permission to the American military to launch predator attacks on Osama bin Laden in case they ever found the elusive target anywhere in tribal areas of Pakistan. Musharraf granted this exception to US forces so they do not have to seek permission from Islamabad prior to launching an attack on the al-Qaeda leader. All they have to do is load up and send the predator soaring into the sky.

The administration of George Bush has always placed emphasis of “getting Osama bin Laden” as though killing him will somehow lead to the end of al-Qaeda. This focus on an individual rather than on which conditions create the emergence of supporters of al-Qaeda had been a damaging mistake on the part of Bush. Al-Qaeda is a movement, it is not a person.