Musharraf Impeachment On Hold

President Musharraf has agreed to step down from office, but details of the final arrangement are still being hammered out with the coalition government. He has affirmed a resignation will be submitted prior to any effort to impeach him, but there are a few points still to be settled. President Musharraf refuses to take “safe passage” to mean he must immediately leave the country following his resignation. He wants to be able to remain in his house on the outskirts of Islamabad and be provided security and privileges as allowed under law to all presidents; and he wants an iron-cast agreement of indemnity from any action brought against him following the resignation. Musharraf prefers an act of parliament to ensure the guarantee will be carried through.

It is also apparent the armed forces support these Musharraf conditions since they do not wish a former general brought to trial and subjected to humiliation. The current leaders of the armed forces were allied with him during the period in which he is charged with behavior that could be deemed illegal.

Pakistan at this moment in history probably does not need a divisive impeachment process despite the despicable behavior of President Musharraf.