Musharraf Makes For Exit

Pervez Musharraf used to be president of Pakistan and thus has a large ego when it comes to believing the peoplle of Pakistan desire his presence. He also apparently believes the courts of Pakistan are dying to welcome his return to their nation. Prior to leaving his country a few years ago after the Chief Justice demanded his arrest Musharraf lived in safety thousands of miles away from his present location in Islamabad. He appeared in a court room, the justice took a few seconds and then ordered cancellation of his bail, ordered his arrest just as the former president was dashing out the door. Justices still are furious at his clash with the chief justice and his alleged war on the courts.
I am a simple man from the Bronx, New York City. I was taught as a boy that if the police or courts are out to get you, get the hell out of the place and head to some location they can not control. I assume Musharraf has some other ideas.