Musharraf Must Go Say Pakistanis

President Musharraf of Pakistan has long been a close ally of the Bush administration which regards him as a friend in their battle against terrorism. Unfortunately, for Musharraf the people of his own country don’t share America’s pride in his administration of government nor of his disregard for law when justices of the Pakistan Supreme Court were ousted by the president. The winner in parliamentary elections, the Pakistan People’s Party led by co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, is anxious to resolve the debate as to whether or not Musharraf should continue in power. Zardari told Saudi Arabian officials they regard Musharraf as a de facto president and will work with him, but there was no indication as to how long that relationship will continue.

Zardari has been emphasizing the importance of keeping the government functioning and avoiding any immediate constitutional crisis that would arrive if Musharraf was immediately ousted as desired by many Pakistani politicians. Time will tell how long Musharraf maintains his position.

  • ali

    Another false story. The new government is corrupt and have played Musharraf. The new govt is backed by the US.

  • Rizwan

    All of you Musharraf supporters go to to express you feelings.

    Long live Musharraf
    Long Live Pakistan

  • Fred Stopsky

    He is gone. There are moments in life when one must know it is time to leave the stage of power.