Musharraf Says Things Are OK In Pakistan

Despite being rebuffed by the people of Pakistan in recent parliamentay elections, Pesident Musharraf insists his nation’s economy is booming and the fight to end terrorism is succeeding. He urged opposition parties to cease their political games and focus on governing the country. “A country where there is only politicking for the next five years cannot move forward.” The president was particularly angry at those who insisted Pakistan would not have a fair election, and they should be held accountable for allegations against his desire for democratic processes to be followed. Musharraf expressed scorn for those who seek to create a sense of despondency by talking on television or writing articles in newspapers which attack him. “Such people must be excommunicated from society. The media too must show responsibility as it is their duty not to let the nation get demoralized.”

President Musharraf still does not grasp that making statements to “excommuncate” those who oppose him is what got him in trouble in the first place. He has yet to completely restore the judiciary who were removed from office. Until he accepts the rule of law, things will not be OK in Pakistan.