Music, Play On, If You Can!

Music is central to the people of Mali and even  educatiion is  involved in the use of music in order to convey ideas. The nation even had an annual Festival in the Desert which allowed musicians  from all parts of society to play, sing and dance as thousands enjoyed music. But, that was then, today fervent conservative fundamentalists have seized control of the nation and they have imposed strict punishment for anyone caught playing a musical instrument, singing, or listening to any form of music. Although music has for centuries been an integral aspect of Mali culture, men who term themselves, Muslims, intend to wipe out all traces of a culture that goes back in history.

Families have witnessed radios and televisions sets smashed because to Mali insurgents, silence is  golden, silence is the time to read the Koran. What else in life is important?? A family that prays in silence, and reads the Koran will be saved from the evil of music and laughter.