Musical Chairs In Afghanistan

American helicopters flew a crack unit of the Afghan army into a remote district which had been overrun by Taliban forces and Afghan troops readily took control of the town and area. This successful exploit of Afghan troops against the Taliban undoubtedly will be cited as yet another example of the success of our “surge” which is designed to crush the enemy in Afghanistan. An Afghan unit of 200 elite soldiers took control of a town in the Barg -e- Matail district without firing a shot. It appears Taliban forces had retreated to the outskirts where they await in the hills for another opportunity to regain the town. Actually, the town the area had been secured by an American unit months ago, but they were withdrawn after several were killed in Taliban attacks. The Afghan army then took over the town until they were forced out by the Taliban and now the Taliban have –voluntarily left. Afghanistan’s government hailed the “successful operation” and promised villagers they now are safe.

Who is kidding whom? Villagers are safe until the Taliban decides to once again take over the town, which, of course, will result in Afghan troops leaving the town, only to be flown back by American helicopters, and, ………

Perhaps, we could use some music to go along with this dance of musical chairs.