Muslim Arranged Marriage Questioned In UK

A few days after the Archbishop of Canterbury urged the people of Great Britain to allow sharia law to serve as a legal process for Muslims in the nation, the nation was shocked by revelation of a sharia decision that validated a forced marriage. Three senior judges will be asked to support or reject a lower court decision which invalidated a sharia marriage. A 26 year-old man with learning disabilities was married to a woman in Bangladesh over the telephone. His family asked the Appeals Court to set aside a lower court decision which demed the marriage illegal since it is ‘so offensive to the conscience of the English” legal system.

Perhaps, the Archlbishop of Canterbury might dismiss this example of a forced marriage as the exception to the rule, but this is a blatant example of two people being forced into a marriage against their will. The Archbishop forgets that sharia law was made by men to support the rights of men, not women. In too many cases decided by sharia courts, the male gets custody of children and women must go meekly into the night.