Muslim Becomes Mayor Of Rotterdam

Controversy about the position of Muslim immigrants within European societies invariably raise issues as to whether they remain apart of become integral components of modern European society. The city council of Rotterdam has selected Ahmed Aboutaleb as the first Muslim to hold the position of mayor of the city. In making the selection, the city council said the appointment would be “an inspiration to all Rotterdam residents.” Naturally, right wing groups denounced the selection on various grounds. Ronald Sorenson, who belongs to the right wing party, Lefbaar Rotterdam, noted Mr. Aboutaleb comes from Amsterdam and roots for the Amsterdam football team. These are serious allegations and definitely should be investigated. Imagine in this day and age appointing someone to a political office who roots for your team’s opponent!!

Mr. Aboutaleb has been described by colleagues as a man of action and a problem solver. Yes, he did once serve in the Amsterdam city council, but, hopefully, the good people of Rotterdam will not hold that against him. One can suspect he will inspire many young Muslims and immigrants to become more loyal to their adopted homeland.