Muslim Brotherhood Angry In Egypt

The nation of Egypt just had an election to determine who would be the president of this country. Dr. Mohamed Morsi was the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood and Ahmed Shafiq was the candidate of those who do not want an Egypt run by religious fanatics. Morsi got 52% of the vote while his opponent received 48%. However, millions refused to participate in this farce which offered a choice between the old Guard and a choice for allowing religion to transform Egypt into a preserve for clerics and Sharia law.

The Muslim  Brotherhood insists the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces(SCAAF) must surrender power because the revolution is “facing a life or death moment for the Egyptian people.” Sorry, this is  NOT the time to transfer power to a group that does NOT represent 50% of the people. There is need for a new presidential election in which all candidates are allowed to contest the election. The people of Egypt, as of this moment, have NOT been given choices for candidates who would represent the desires of the majority.