Muslim Brotherhood Attacks Coptic Christians

Each day the Muslim Brotherhood proves to the world they do not deserve another opportunity to rule Egypt. The MB rightfully can argue that attacks by the armed forces are violent and can not continue, but they also prove to the world their leaders are terrorists and murderers. During the past weeks, MB supporters have torched 40 churches and damaged 23 other churches. This from a group which claims their Muslim religion is under attack! Many Coptic Christians have been killed and dozens wounded. This group of terrorists burned down a Franciscan school and took captive two nuns who were paraded through town. Finally, a kind Muslim women came to their rescue.It is now clear that the Muslim Brotherhood can not be allowed to return to power. If they got control over the police or armed forces, Coptic Christians would face murder and destruction of their lives.

One can readily understand why many moderate Egyptians support these horrendous assaults upon the Muslim Brotherhood. Failure of Mohamed Morsi to condemn attacks on Christians simply reveals who this man is. He was unfit to govern Egypt and unfit to lead Muslims.