Muslim Brotherhood Never Backed Brotherhood!

The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt is now living with its failure to create a broad based coalition of groups that oppose continued military rule of their country. Youth, secular minded Egyptians, Coptic Christians, young women seeking equality, opposed the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces(Scaf), but the Muslim Brotherhood had one thing on its mind– power. After initially being in the streets along with other groups, once they secured seats in  Parliament the MB switched to cooperating with military leaders. Either they were blind or they gambled on being smarter than a bunch of generals. They were mistaken.

An increasing number of Egyptians no longer trust the Muslim Brotherhood. Coptic Christians are terrified of a Muslim cleric run society. Youth, women, even businessmen who depend on tourists want clerics who seek Sharia law and an end to things like drinking– all attitudes that would frighten those from abroad.

Egypt needs a broad based coalition, It is time for the Muslim Brotherhood to reach out to other groups and formulate a plan that incorporates the desires of Egyptian society, not just the desires of the MB. The MB claimed its candidate, Mohammed Morsi won the presidential election. This might be one claim that is over turned by Scaf.

Wake up MB and be for all Egyptians!