Muslim Brotherhood New Danger In Syria

The regime of President Bashar al-Assad has been marked by brutality, torture, death and destruction. It has ruthlessly murdered over 15,000 of its own citizens who had the audacity to demand freedom. However, the sounds of war are being heard in the best neighborhoods in Damascus and those who enjoyed the benefits of a dictatorship are now confronting the reality that some form of democracy may emerge in their nation.

The Muslim Brotherhood announced it was forming a political group in Syria and would enter the political arena once Assad has been driven from power. However,at least twenty percent of the Syrian population is either Christian or Alawite and they fear imposition of a Muslim sharia law government. The MB announced, “we are ready for the post Assad era, we have plans for the economy, the courts, politics.”

As of this point in time the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or Libya or Tunisia has yet to offer any semblance of an economic program. Its leaders have shouted cries for “sharia law.” Such statements will only rip apart the post Assad era.