Muslim Brotherhood Not Impressed With Obama

President Barack Obama will be visiting Egypt where he has promised to make an important speech addressed to the Muslim world, but the Muslim Brotherhood made clear at present it does not see evidence the American leader is any different from past presidents. Mohammed Habib, deputy leader of the MB said he was skeptical about Obama’s intentions and the trip would be “useless unless it is preceded by real change in the policies of the US administration toward the Arab and Islamic world.” The issue of Israel continues to be one that Arab leaders regard as critical if they are to accept there is real change in American Middle Eastern policy.

Habib said, “the US administration is attempting to recruit all the Arab states… to implement its permanent agenda that favors the Zionist entity.” The Brotherhood is banned in Egypt but its followers, despite difficulties imposed by the government, have gained at least 88 seats in Parliament and most probably have the support of a good percent of the Egyptian population.

Obama can make speeches addressed to the Muslim world but he will be ignored unless Israel changes its policies and agrees to the concept of a two state solution which includes an independent Palestine whose capital is in east Jerusalem. Can Obama pull it off is the question?

  • elmot

    this is one grave issue that obama should make a stand lest his batte cry for change and his image as moral force is nothing but an image to catch votes.