Muslim Brotherhood Seeks To Emulate Turkey AKP

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood(MB) which is feared and oppressed by the Mubarak government is trying to create an image akin to that of the Turkish Justice and Development Party(AKP) which currently governs its nation. Muhammad Habib, a key leader in the Brotherhood emphasized his party is concerned with social justice and conducts health services as well as aiding people to obtain jobs and education. “We do not extend help to the people for political reasons or considerations.” He argues his party wants a democratic Egypt just as the AKP works for democracy in Turkey. He was clear the Muslim Brotherhood had no connection with Muslim terrorist organizations and bluntly stated, “Al Qaeda does not represent Islam and their actions are not reconcilable with Islam.”

When asked why the MB does not denounce the use of suicide bombing in the Israel-Palestine conflict he replied, “sometimes there is no remedy left but suicide bombing in Palestine.” He also made clear the MB accepts the right of Israel to exist if it would retreat to the 1948 borders.

Among the tragedies of the current Israel-Palestine conflict is Muslim nations are now ready to accept the 1948 border. Had they displayed this attitude in 1948, the conflict never would have arisen. The other tragedy is failure on the part of Israel leaders to work with all Muslim groups in the quest for peace.