Muslim Brotherhood Struggles For Identity

The Muslim Brotherhood is among the oldest Islamic groups in the Middle East and during its existence the MB has spawned several Islamist militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Egypt’s government has cracked down on the Brotherhood in order to continue a divide and conquer approach to a group it deems a threat to the status quo. A policy of repression prevents the Muslim Brotherhood from attaining a powerful position in parliament and results in them being blocked out of any power to influence government policies. MB moderates believe if their organization could freely engage in politics, the end result would be development of a more pragmatic approach, Instead the Brotherhood is consumed with arguments of who is in control and how are leaders to be selected.

Abdelmonem Mahmooud, a journalist, argues, “those in charge aren’t connected with today’s world.” The result is those in power attempt to create a world that is disappearing. Out of this conflict comes economic stagnation, the denigration of women, and an inability to resolve any problems with Israel.