Muslim Brotherhood: US Go Home!

The death of Osama bin Laden was greeted by the Muslim Brotherhood with demands for the evacuation of American forces from the Middle East. Essam Al-Erian, a senior leader of the MB argued there was no longer any need for US soldiers in the region. “With bin Laden’s death, one of the reasons for which violence has been practiced in the world has been removed. The MB urged American leaders to rethink their strategy of dealing with terrorists and head for home and leave the region to those who live in it. “it is time for Obama to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq and end the occupation of US and Western forces around the world that have for so long harmed Muslim countries.” The theory being enunciated by some Muslim groups is the time has arrived for local leaders to be in charge and for Western forces to depart.

Sheikh Assem Abdel-Maged, a member of the advisory council of Gama’s argued, “he(Osama bin Laden) was a Muslim and we hope that even if he made mistakes, we hope that God will forgive his mistakes and we hope that his followers and students will review the plan they are working with, regarding the methods that they use.” This idea raises new possibilities pertaining to foreign policy. Is it time for the US to simply leave and allow local forces to confront issues such as terrorism?