Muslim Converts To Christianity In Egypt-A First?

In theory, Egypt allows freedom of religion to Christians but there are limits as to what the nation’s Coptic religion is allowed to do. Any Muslim is allowed to try converting a Christian to his religion, but freedom to convert ordinarily halts at the door of the church. Egypt’s Coptic Church has for the first time issued a certificate of conversion to a person who was born into the Muslim religion and decided to become a Christian. Maher al-Gohari is seeking to change his religion on official documents to indicate he is now a Christian. This is the first time the Coptic Church has issued such a certificate. It is only the second time a Muslim has officially requested having his statement of religion changed on identify cards.

Last year a court rejected such a request by a Christian convert from Islam. Tension between Coptic Christians and Muslim continues in Egypt. Ironically, Muslims argue that Jews took the land of Israel from Muslims, but Coptic Christians predate Muslims in Egypt by hundreds of years.

  • sawsan

    It is misleading to say that coptic christians predates muslims in Egypt by hundreds of years.. actually most of the egyptions themselves converted to Islam & only few percentage retian their initial religion ( christianity ) because Islam freedom let them to stay so .
    It’s very hard to believe that a true muslim believer converts to Christianity ; if u believe in one creator …would u exchange this faith by believing in three !! christians themselves find it hard to accept ?!! don’t you??

  • jamal

    اختي كيف تحكمين على المسيحيين ؟ ما هو مقياسك؟ و كيف تقوليين انهم يعبدون ثلاث الهة و هم يعبدون اله واحد قبل مجيء الأسلام !!!! بسم اللة الرحمن الرحيم هل اقول ان المسامين يعبدون ثلاث الهة؟ََ الله هو الرحمن هو الرحيم , انصحك بقراءة الأنجيل قبل ان تحكمين ,الأقباط المجودون اليوم ما اصلهم؟ اوربيون؟ امريكيون؟انصحك مرة اخرى بقراءة تاريخ الأقباط المصريين, ولك كل الأحترام يا اختي وسلام الرب يسوع المسيح لك.

  • sita


    My friend you need history lessons bad, go back to high school. First came the Israel to recognize one true God, then came the Christains and hundreds of years later came Islam. Islam invaded christain Egypt and raped, massacured and converted by force all natives to islam.

    Even the piramids has a christain cross, not to say it belongs to christainity but a symbol of the Pharohs and Kings. If muslims were in charge that symbol would be the first to go.

  • sita

    also learn more at this site, please dont get angry to read the site as I am just a reader of the site and not a creater of the site.

  • lamaa john

    al salam 3aleykom w ra7mato allah w barakato..
    no offence to the christian world.. i am a christian convert.. i converted to islam because i knew what was right from wrong.. if you say that islam is a religion of hate and murder then youve got some serious history looking to find out how did your christian ancestors spead ur religion.. i convered based on research that have lasted for 15 year.. on what are you basing what you’re saying?

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  • Peter


    What the hell is wrong with you, you are brain washed in this dumb religion. If you can read and think I don’t know how the hell would you stay in that shitty religion

  • http://facebook emanuel

    muslim always hate christian becouse their fear it

  • Nica Vergara

    Such conversions are pretty commonplace in Indonesia. See