Muslim Fanatics In Action

The great mystery of my life is how people claiming to be followers of God engage in actions that no sane God would ever allow. Pakistan just experienced an earthquake. The Pakistan government dispatched helicopters to handle the 355 dead bodies along with over 700 wounded who required medical assistance. The doctor in charge of the scene of death and destruction did not even have an x-ray machine or sufficient medicine for those injured. Water is scarce at the scene of the earthquake. So, what do Islamist militants do–THEY FIRE AT RESCUE HELICOPTERS WHICH ARRIVED TO SAVE THE LIVES OF MUSLIMS!! Soldiers who arrived to aid the victims of this tragedy were fired upon by the militants. Huh?

OK, Baluchistan separatists have been denied government support to assist their economic development. Yes, they do have legitimate complaints. But, attcking rescue operations for fellow MUSLIMS! Who are these people???