Muslim GI Claims Army Bigotry

A Muslim soldier and his wife in North Carolina are upset their infant son’s body was subject an autopsy after his sudden death which is in contradiction to Muslim religious practice. Doctors suspected sudden infant death symdrome and wanted an autopsy to confirm their diagnosis. Pfc. Eli Agee has contactd the Miiltary Religious Freedom Foundatin about possble legal action. The Foundation and an atheist soldier are already suing the Department of Defense over what they allege is a pattern of the military violating the religious rights of soldiers. Mrs. Agee said, “our entire family, including our son, has been disrespected and violated on so many levels. We can’t even begin to verbalize the pain.”

Private Agee said during training he had been insulted on many occasions by fellow soldiers which included references to “kiling Haiji” during basic training. Many of the Muslims on the base fear retaliation if they speak openly about discrimination against their religion.