Muslim Group Apologizes To Christians

The western media is certain that all Muslims agree with one another that violence is the word of God. The western media is locked into the concept of “all Muslims” as though hundreds of millions of people share a common philosophy of death and destruction. Din Syamsuddin, head of a Muslim group, Muhammadilyah, issued an apology to Christians for an attack on the HKBP congregation in West Java by members of a hard line Islamic groups, the Islam Defenders Front(FPI) and the Islamic Community Forum. He made clear his own position of peace and friendship. “I am among those who are concerned about the fact that our Christian brothers could not profess their belief. Such an incident should have not happened.” He made clear that such actions violate his religion and his Indonesian citizenship. “Actually, the Islam that I believe does not teach violence against people of other faiths.”

One can be certain that such expressions of peace and brotherhood will never be shown on Fox News or other western media. Now, if a Muslim killed a Christian, then…..