Muslim Group Issues Fatwa AGAINST Killing Swedish Cartoonist

Two Muslim groups denounced al-Qaeda’s death threat against Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilk because he drew a cartoon in which Mohammad’s face was on a dog’s body. Sheikh Al-Baghdadi offered up to $150,000 if someone would split the throat of Vilk “like that of a lamb.” The European Fatwa Council issued a fatwa against such death threats saying,”we are not agreeing with al-Qaeda’s statement. We do not believe someone should be killed for this. That is not Islam.” The European Federation for islamic organizations which is located in 29 countries also joined in opposition to al-Qaeda.

One wonders how many American media outlets will feature stories about two important Muslim organizations which oppose persecution of people who defame their religious leader? I am certain the al-Qaeda statement will be given prominence so that most people come to believe all Muslims were offended by the cartoon and seek vengeance against the cartoonist.