Muslim Guardians Of Morality-Gang Rape Girl!

She was a twenty one year old college student who was headed home when halted by the local Muslim Sharia patrol who regard their task in life is to protect people in Aceh province from those spreading immorality. It is unclear whether her skirt was too short or maybe the blouse was slightly unbuttoned or perhaps it was the manner in which she did her hair, but the guardians of morality decided to detain the girl and take her to the police station. While at the police station, the young college student was gang raped by a patrol whose task was protection of morality. Norma Manalu of Aceh’s human rights group expressed her anger by noting, “they don’t have the authority to detain people, their role is to give moral advice, that’s all.”

Marzuki Abdullah, head of the 1500 sharia force emphasized nothing illegal occurred while the men were on patrol and the rape occurred after they were working enforcing sharia law. That apparently, in his view, clears guardians of vice and morality from punishment. I guess the message is detain, take to police station, wait to your shift is over, and then rape!