Muslim Hate Groups Spread Hatred

I was born in 1930, an era in which Jews could not live in certain parts of cities, were denied equal job opportunities, and faced a quota when applying for college. This instilled in me a hatred toward all forms of religious discrimination. Muslims in Denmark have encountered these same forms of hatred, but apparently some Muslim respond by hating other groups. In Volksmore im Ordense in Denmark, Jewish and Christian residents are being assaulted by local Muslim thugs and it has reached the point where churches in the area have to hire security guards to prevent vandalism. Jewish children in Copenhagen who seek to attend secondary schools near Muslim areas are being advised to look elsewhere in order to avoid being attacked in school. Niels-Erik Hansen, head of the Advisory Center for Racial Discrimination, notes, “we receive regular reports of religious crimes. If we don’t do something about it now, we could end up with Apartheid like conditions.”

It is necessary for anyone who has faced discrimination to end hatred toward whose who are different. Remember, the blow you strike against someone whose religion or culture is different, is a blow against yourself.