Muslim Hypocrites Attack Pope Benedict XVI

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood blasted the Pope in anticipation of his visit to their nation. They accused Pope Benedict XVI of being anti-Muslim because in a speech in 2006, he quoted from a Medieval text which referred to Prophet Muhammad as “evil and inhuman.” According to the Muslim Brotherhood anyone who quotes negative remarks from Medieval times that cast doubt upon their religious leader is guilty of some sort of crime. At the time, the Pope apologized if his remarks were taken to mean he was anti-Muslim. But, to the Brotherhood, a “clear apology” is required. Frankly, talk about apologies is hypocritical coming from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Pick up any newspaper or go to any newstand in a Muslim nation and it only takes a few moments before one sees periodicals which insult Jews and deride their religion. Go to Iran and witness the treatment of members of the Bahai faith. Visit a school in Saudi Arabia where children are taught to despise Christians. Sorry, Muslim Brotherhood, before you insult the Pope, take a look in the mirror at your own hypocrisy.