Muslim Insurgents In South Thailand Continue Brutality

The ongoing insurgency in south Thailand which contains the nation’s largest center of Muslims continues to demonstrate brutality and callousness toward human life. The rebellion which began in 2004 when Muslims claimed they were being oppressed by the Buddhist majority has resulted in widespread atrocities committed against not merely members of the Thai armed forces, but against fellow Muslims. yesterday, insurgents took a Muslim man they accused of being a police spy and hacked his body with knives, then drove six-inch nails through is head, arms, and legs before transforming the body into a Christ like symbol of one who has been crucified. Later, insurgent kidnapped two fishmongers and after shooting them, took off their heads.

The south Thailand rebellion has mainly been fought with guns and knives rather than with economic, political and social programs which would address needs of the majority of people. The use of violence invariably results in more violence. It is about time the Thai government drew upon support from Indonesian Muslim leaders in order to deal with issues that arise from economic, religious and political issues.