Muslim Leader Blasts Holocaust Episode

During the past eight years the leaders of Israel have complained and denounced former Iran President Ahmadinejad for denying that the Holocaust ever happened. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is furious at those who are “Holocaust deniers” because their refusal to accept the murder of millions of Jews is evidence they seek the murder of millions of Jews. Palestinian President Abbas, during a meeting with a Rabbi, made clear that he considered the Holocaust a terrible crime. He described the Holocaust as a “heinous crime” and among the worst to “have occurred against humanity in the modern era.” Of course, President Rouhani of Iran expressed warm regards for Jews in public.

So, Palestinian leaders are denouncing the Holocaust. And, the response from PM Netanyahu is–SILENCE. In other words, if an Arab leader denounces the existence of the Holocaust, then Netanyahu is furious and uses their words as evidence Muslims hate Jews, but when an Arab leader denounces the Holocaust itself, silence. This example is simply evidence that Prime Minister Netanyahu does not seek peace and reconciliation with Muslims. His goal is clear-transform the West Bank into a part of Israel and end peace forever!