Muslim Led Violence In South Thailand Grows

Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand continued to expand this week after seven Thai soldiers were killed when their truck blew up. A Muslim insurgent group, Runda Kamulan Kecil (AKK), lost five of its men last month and killed the Thai soldiers in an act of revenge. Nearly 2,100 people have died since 2004 as a result of this growing conflict in the southern regions of Thailand, where two million Muslims live. There is an ever increasing tempo of attacks by insurgents on Thai figures of authorities and Thai-Buddhists. Army chief Surayud Chulanout assumed leadership of the nation last October and promised to address the conflict, but it has been a one-sided policy since he has done nothing to address issues of discrimination raised by Muslims in southern Thailand.
Information from the Bangkok Post

We are witnessing in southern Thailand the growing impact of what results when legitimate Muslim needs are not addressed by a government. The Thai Muslim minority represents about 10% of the population but is mainly clustered in the southern regions of the nation. They have been treated as second-class citizens for decades and now Islamic fanatics are gaining power. The truck bombing is simply symbolic as to what will happen in the future. Perhaps, if the United States government placed more energy into PREVENTIVE ACTIONS American soldiers would not have to face the prospect in 2012 of fighting in Thailand – in the name of democracy.