Muslim Men In Action

Among the most well kept secrets about life in the Muslim world of Egypt is the propensity of Muslim Egyptian males to grope and assault women as part of their need to assert male chauvinism. Lara Logan, was a correspondent covering the Egyptian uprising against Hosni Mubarak and was in Tahrir Square when a group of males seized her from bodyguards and began a sexual assault that lasted over a half hour. “For an extended period of time they raped me with their hands.” There is a code of silence in the media when the topic of how female reporters are attacked, subjected to vile insults and taunts, and, as in the case of Ms.Logan, physically assaulted. Some Egyptian colleagues claim they heard men say they desired to rip off her clothes and grope the western woman. Bodyguards were simply overwhelmed by the crowd of men who enjoyed the opportunity to tear off clothes of women and shout and scream for democracy. “They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence.”

The tragedy is that Egyptian women also confront these foul mouthed bastards who claim to be religious and against decadent western values. The experience made Ms. Logan aware of what Muslim women experience living in a Muslim society. Is it because men believe they are superior and that women must obey their whims?

My question: Exactly what type of democratic society will be created in Egypt, given such a large number of men within it who enjoy the sense of power over women?

My second question: Has any imam in Egypt condemned such actions against women? I realize they become furious at cartoons.