Muslim Myths Exposed

The American people have been subjected to ongoing myths from the Republican party, and, sadly, also from leaders such as Barack Obama, about a great “clash of civilizations” that entail some sort of “Muslim civilization” vs some sort of “western civilization.” The myth originally was propagated by Israel historian Benjamin Lewis and picked up by a famous American scholar, Samuel Huntington. The myth insists there is such a thing as a “Muslim civilization” and that all Muslims seek to destroy what is known as “Western civilization.” By, “Western civilization,” one assumes that people living in Russia or Sicily share the same “civilization” as those living in Germany, Sweden, the United States and Canada. There is an enormous spectrum of ideas, values and beliefs spread across nations which contain people of the Christian faith as nations in which people of the Muslim faith inhabit. Turkish Muslims are completely different from those in Saudi Arabia and Muslims in the US even further different in values, culture and beliefs. Huntington claimed that China had a “different civilization” than “the west.” China is based on the political ideas of Karl Marx, whose grandparents were Jewish and the economic ideas of Englishman, Adam Smith.

Yesterday, there was a raid in Jakarta, Indonesia, by police seeking “Muslim terrorists” who were planning raids on the US embassy. These were the same terrorists who bombed a Buddhist temple and made attacks on night clubs and bars. Each day in nations such as Pakistan and India, terrorists attack an opposing Muslim religion. The fight in Syria is between Muslims, the fight in Egypt is between Muslims. Terrorism has no home other than violence. In America, the infamous bombing in Oklahoma was by a nice American Christian. Enough about the “clash of civilizations.”