Muslim News Never Reported By US Media

The right wing media in the United States is quick to sound the battle cry of terrorism every time some group or individual who is Muslim engages in violent acts. However, it is rare for the American media to present information concerning the peaceful desire of most Muslims who respect the rights of others and seek a world without violence. Few, if any, American media outlets will give note to the fact leaders of several religious groups in Indonesia gathered at the site of the recent Jakarta Hotel bombings to pledge to work for peace. Leaders of human rights and religious affiliations held two prayer meetings to honor the nine who died and the fifty who were wounded.

Members of the Indonesian Anti-Violence Community including Hasyim Muzadi of the Nahdiatal Ulama Islamic Council participated in the prayer sessions which also included representatives from Christian churches. This is a “non-news story” according to the American media — no one got killed, no one sounded cries of death to America and the West. The session simply consisted of ordinary Indonesians who believed in peace.