Muslim No Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood has spent over a half century out of power and out of luck when it comes to having a voice in the government of Egypt. During the heady, exciting days when thousands packed Tahrir Square, Muslim Brotherhood leaders vowed to work with secular groups in order to establish a modern Egyptian government. Inherent in that promise was support for the rights of Coptic Christians who constitute about ten percent of Egyptian society. Even when crowds gathered to protest against President Mubarak, there was evidence that MB folk simply did not enjoy allowing  anyone who was not a devout Muslim to express their ideas.

Over the past few days, once again Muslim mobs attacked Christian areas in a city close to Cairo. Initial reports are that several are dead and dozens are wounded together with wrecked shops and homes. It is clear that President Morsi is at heart and in his soul a devout Sharia speaking leader. In the end, either Morsi goes  or so goes any opportunity for a government that represents all Egyptians.