Muslim Scholars Stand Against Terrorism

A conference held at Artuklu University in Turkey concluded with a statement by Muslim scholars entitled: “Standing United Against Terror.” More than fifteen prominent Muslim scholars from a wide range of nations, participated in the meetings and they unanimously agreed that “nothing can justify terrorism and indiscriminate murder in the name of Islam.” Participants made a special effort to examine the 14th century “Mardin Fatwa” which is often cited as justifying terrorism. The scholars agreed a 14th century opinion can not be taken to be cited as an official Muslim opinion. The “New March Declaration” which was issued at the conclusion of the conference emphasized, “actions of terrorist groups are not jihad, but arbitrary murder” and made clear the Koran “unequivocally forbids indiscriminate killing and murder.”

The conference made clear that “terrorists are destroying their own faith and disparaging the honor of Islam.” What else can be said other than why didn’t the American government after 2001 work with such scholars?