Muslim Silence Deafening On Syria

Thousands of people are fleeing Syria seeking safety in Turkey as soldiers loyal to President Assad march north to wipe out any dissident who dares openly speak against the government. There are reports of soldiers refusing to fire on civilians, and police dropping their weapons instead of killing the innocent. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has denounced his friend, Assad, for refusing to enter into negotiations and seek a compromise with his own people. But, Bashar Assad remains adamant and has dispatched his younger brother whose elite unit is ready to kill anyone daring to oppose the regime in power. A new report described how residents of Maaret al_Neuman rebelled and took over the town before tanks came to the rescue of police. In other words, the majority of Syrians seek some form of democracy.

But, the question remains as to why Muslims in the Middle East are NOT protesting death and destruction of Muslims. Of course, if Israeli troops did the killing the world would explode with outrage. Yes, Israel has violated human rights and should be sanctioned. It is about time Muslims criticized Muslim dictators.