Muslim Terrorist Camp Overrun In Phlppines

The fight against terrorism in the world is so dominated by Iraq or Afghanistan that many areas which have long been engaged in such conflicts are virtually ignored by the media. The Philippine government has been fighting Muslim terrorism in southern regions of their nation for over twenty years with limited success. A few days ago, Filipino troops over ran a camp of the Abu Syyaf mllitants and destroyed bomb making facilities as part of a battle with over 200 of the enemy forces. Filipino Marine General Juancho Sabban believes his assault thwarted a major effort aimed at inflicting massive damage to his nation.

The Abu Sayyaf is currently reported to have about 380 members which is about one-third of the number it once had as followers. They have been constantly attacked by Filipino forces who have most probably prevented large scale attacks. Perhaps, the time is now for Filipino leaders to attempt a political solution by making strenuous efforts to deal with issues of poverty and power among Muslim inhabitants of the southern regions of their nation.,